Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Back to basics.  Fresh air, noticing the seasons (and we are having an exceptionally lovely autumn this year),  morning pages, something small but creative every day.

Going gently.

Reminding myself that it's all the little things that count.  Reminding myself to stop and notice them.


Establishing foundations.

Friday, 7 October 2016


Light pool


I am totally stuck. 

 I have spent a really long term learning how to use my camera and processing software so that I can create the images I see. And now I can't see the images I want to create. 

 I haven't picked up my camera for while.

 I need to pick up my camera. 

 I need to go back to basics. 

The Artists Way. 
Morning pages. 
Artist dates. 
Picking up my Camera. 

 How did this happen? 

 Being stuck sucks. 

 And it's been going on forever.

* photo from the archive.  Cos I'm, you know,  stuck.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dear Books

Dear Books #aprillove2016

Dear Books,

Hurray!  I seem to have my reading mojo back.

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved you.  I just seem to have had trouble concentrating and finishing a lot of you lately.  I've dabbled in reading challenges and virtual book clubs and, well, failed.  I just don't have the patience to stick with you unless you've pulled me in pretty early on.

Here are the books I've read this year (and finished!):

Emily of New Moon by LM Montgomery.
Read with my daughter.  We both loved Anne of Green Gables and we both love Emily. :)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo
Not life-changing yet but I think you actually have to do (and finish) the tidying part. ;)

House of Cards by Michael Dobbs
Entertaining, cynical and grippingly awful political shenanigans the book (the first of the trilogy) that inspired House of Cards.

Marking Time by Elizabeth Jane Howard
The second of the Cazelet saga - I also read the first, The Light Years.  Love them.  Filling the Downton void and five in the series!

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
An effort to overhaul my 'beauty' routine.   I have started using  a serum now!

Yes by Shonda Rhimes
Creator of TV shows Scandal and Grey's Anatomy.  All my favourite shows (UK and US) are created/written by women and I love that.  Shonda Rhimes is one of those women and I loved reading her story.

So, that's my bookshelf.  What's on yours?

Love, Me

Joining in with Susannah Conway's April Love.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Dear Home

Dear Home #aprillove

Dear Home,

I love you so much.

We've spent ages getting you just the way you are.  Perfect for us.  We hang out here, we live, we laugh.  You are our refuge and our joy.

However - and this is our fault, so don't be upset - you are FULL.  Full of stuff.  In every nook and cranny!  Wherever I look! There is a tiny proportion of this stuff that we cherish and use all the time.  The rest, however, I spend my life trying (and usually failing) to find inventive storage solutions for.

I have just read this book.  Even better, I have started......

Enough with the stuff.  Let's get you back to your former glory.  So you can just keep doing what you do; we can stop owning stuff that we don't really need (let alone find any joy in); and I can stop looking at pinterest for 'interesting ways of disguising this mountain of rubbish'.

How does that sound?

Love, Me

Joining in with Susannah Conway's April Love.

Friday, 1 April 2016

April Letters


Dear Love,

I see how people treat each other as world events unfold and I wonder where you are.

So much I don't understand when I don't see you.

But then I look close in and I see you everywhere.  My family, my home, my friends.  Little pieces of you in the actions of strangers.  Kindness and sweetness in small everyday actions.  Little pieces of love dancing across my life.

I wonder where theses little pieces of love are for others.

So, I have a dream that all these little pieces could come together.  Come together in giant patchwork quilt - a love quilt, to warm and to comfort.

What do you think, sound like a plan?

Love, Me

Joining in with Susannah Conway's April Love.

Monday, 21 March 2016



I always feel a fraud calling myself an artist or photographer.  I've always felt it and sometimes I wonder if that feeling will ever go away.  If 'artist' or 'photographer' will ever roll off my tongue without a second thought; without a need to qualify it in some way.

And then I read this and it kind of shifted my perspective:

When I was a young man, a person that I respected told me that I was an artist.  It was one of the worst things that could have happened to me.  I stopped walking into museums or galleries with a sense of awe.  I walked in feeling like an 'artist'.  My arms would be crossed.  If I liked a piece, it was 'good'.  If I didn't like a piece, it was 'bad'.  I didn't feel vulnerable anymore. I lost my humility.  And that's when growth stops.*

Vulnerability sucks.  But then it kind of rocks too.

*  from the very brilliant Humans of New York website.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Turning Ten

Turning ten.

1.  Sunshine
2.  Spring
3.  Sewing
4.  Emily of New Moon
5.  Photography
7.  Helium balloons
8.  Hugs
9.  Candles
10. Cake.   Lots of cake.

Things we've been enjoying while my girl turns ten. :)

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