Wednesday, 8 June 2011

30 Days of Doodles

In my quest to stay creative, I am always on the look out for new, achievable challenges that are fun to do.  There are some fantastic art challenges out there which I fully intend to tackle further down the line.  But for now I need something fun and not too intimidating.  This really fits the bill:

30 Days of Doodles

Every day during June you get a doodle prompt.  There have been some really fun ones.  My favourite so far is "If you were a super hero what would your power be?   What would your outfit look like?".
There is a fab flickr group where you can post your doodles and get inspiration from others.  Allie and Liz also give their take on each prompt.

I am no great artist but sometimes I think the process is more important than the actual outcome.  In the interests of total disclosure, here is an example of one of the challenges I've done.  This is for day 2 - draw your favourite flower.  Now, my favourite flower is a peony but I know my limits so I doodled this instead.  Didn't take long and I really enjoyed doing it.

Why don't you join me and give it a go too?  Follow the link above or there's a button on the side.

My superhero power/outfit is starting to become an obsession!.....

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