Monday, 6 June 2011

I'm a fish

This post has been  a long time coming.  I have spent forever talking myself out of things I really want to do.  Mostly because I have compared myself to other bloggers, photographers, writers, creatives and found myself coming up short.  But I recently took the indie biz 3.0 course (fabulous) which has given me the courage, bolstered up with a couple of fantastic quotes that have come my way:

Comparison is the enemy of creativity

(Carrie Lundell of thismamamakesstuff quoted in an interview on Created by Chicks) and

If you are taking pictures, you are a photographer; if you are writing, you are a writer; if you are hitting "publish post," you are a blogger. I am not afraid to take bad pictures, to publish fuzzy ones or to write something I might later regret. And I think this is the best advice I could give. Don't be scared. If you love doing something, do it. Learn it, stand by it, put yourself out there. You will fail. But you will swim a fish.

(Kelle Hampton on her beautiful blog Enjoying the Small Things)

So, here goes.  Come join me for some fuzzy pictures and regrettable writing.

And maybe some swimming.

1 comment:

  1. Love your first post Becs, specially this second quote * awesome* definitely something to keep in mind when we are not sure what to do...........if we love doing it, let's make the jump.
    You've decided to go for it and you were right, look where you are standing now!
    Well done


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