Monday, 27 June 2011

A weird week

I am currently following The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  It has been recommended to me by several different people as a way to overcome self-doubt and make the creative process part of my daily life.

It took me several weeks to accept that flicking through it and dipping into the bits I thought sounded quite nice wasn't really going to cut it.  So three weeks ago, I started working my way through it properly and I am now at the start of week 4.  The NO READING week.

And I have to say I am quite anxious about it.

I mean, I started off thinking "huh, no biggie, I read a few pages of a novel every evening before I go to sleep and that's probably about it anyway". 
Then I thought about it properly.  Umm, by no stretch of the imagination is that all I read (and in some ways, thank goodness....)  So for the next week I have given up:

All books from novels to my photography and craft books which I at least refer to on a daily basis.
All magazines.
All the stuff I read online - news sites, entertainment sites and (here's a big one) other blogs. 
I also figured substituting reading time for pinterest time was probably not OK, so I have ruled out pinterest as well.

What will I do?  How will I fill my time?  Which of course is the point of the whole exercise.

I am kind of hoping my house will be really clean at the end of it, but unless it gives me the time (and wherewithal) to invent a self-cleaning house I fear this is a vain hope.  Perhaps my creative ambitions should be a little loftier anyway.  So I'll start with the lofty ambition of "not watching too much crap TV" and see how I go.

For those of you who haven't given up reading, go here to read a very entertaining story about a giant rusty chicken named Beyonce.  (Be warned though, the language is pretty fruity).

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