Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bad Harry Trifle

I have always loved reading.   I am so thrilled my daughter feels the same and now that she is moving away from picture books to 'real' books it's fabulous to be able to introduce her to all the books I loved as a child. 

We are currently reading All about my Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards.  I picked up a beautiful second hand copy of it with the illustrations by Shirley Hughes that I remember in my long lost copy.  I remember this book with huge affection but to be honest, I didn't really remember any details about it.  That is, however, until we read the chapter about my naughty little sister and Bad Harry eating all the trifle at Bad Harry's birthday party.  The description of the trifle with little silver balls and jelly sweets on the top brought back the strongest visual memory and the picture of them standing on tippy toes in the larder with spoons poised gave me  the same surge of nervous tension I remember in childhood at how NAUGHTY they had been!  What was his mum going to say??!!  It is extraordinary how the smallest episodes beautifully described in a book can trigger such strong memories and emotions.

I am happy to say the Moo also loved this story and so today, in honour of My Naughty Little Sister, we made Bad Harry trifle:

I didn't really picture it with jelly babies as the jelly sweets, but they were the Moo's choice so I guess this is her picture of Bad Harry trifle.  And now that they have sunk into the cream, I am guessing the rescue operation to extract them will be a pretty strong memory too!


  1. Becs - how wonderful to share your own childhood memory with your daughter. Love the photos that document this experience - especially the one of her on her toes, reaching.

  2. Thank you. We are having such fun! I love that she loves the same books as I did (and do!) but she is putting her own stamp on it too. I am going to cherish these photos and that's what it's all about, for me.

  3. Oh how fun! Love the way your captured the memory!

  4. How very sweet! Such nice memories made! XOX

  5. Thank you Em and Tracie. We are still rescuing jelly babies!

  6. Hello Becs:
    Bad Harry Trifle looks very naughty but nice, we are sure! You are so right about the ability of beautifully descriptive language to trigger all manner of thoughts, ideas and memories from the past and, even to inspire actions of the future. Although we love trifle, we should not dare to consume the Bad Harry version with all those silver balls. The wisdom of maturity has taught us that a very costly dentist bill may be the result of such sweet pleasure!!

    We are so pleased to have discovered your delightful blog and have enjoyed reading your most eclectic and jolly posts.

  7. Hello Jane and Lance,
    Welcome to Catching Sundust and thank you for your lovely comments.
    We have managed to avoid the dentist, but you're right about those silver balls! Becsx


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