Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Being Intentional

This is a phrase that has come up for me so often in the last few months.  The last time it came up was on Saturday at the photography workshop I went on (here) where it was one of the key pieces of advice in transforming photos of your children from everyday snapshots to portraits.  On a wider scale I see the truth in this every time I  am intentional in the same way that moving your child from in front of the falling down fence so they are sitting in front of the pretty flower bed transforms your picture into something much more special.

Despite knowing all the benefits, I find it really hard to be intentional.  It is still more normal for me to drift through the days and then look back and wonder what I have really achieved.  Whilst that doesn't make me particularly unhappy, it does leave part of me unfulfilled with a list of regrets and unfinished (sometimes unstarted!) projects.

Being intentional is scary because it makes you take control of your life and take responsibility for becoming the person you want to be.  In taking you from being reactive to proactive it introduces a range of almost limitless possibilities.  That in itself is scary to me, but also liberating. I know that my tendency to avoid being intentional is because it forces me to take risks and removes me from my comfort zone. 

But I know that the rewards are so much greater when I am intentional.  Starting this blog was part of my determination to be intentional, to give me a voice and to make me accountable for the creative journey I have wanted to start for so long. I am still scared but if I have to fail I'd rather fail trying to achieve my dreams.

So, this is my goal.  Being intentional.  In everything I do.

Any advice or tips?  Please share!  What are your goals?


  1. This is a great post and very thought provoking.
    Intentional ownership of our dreams, fears, goals makes us push out of the comfort of being a spectator of life to living a proactive life.
    I don't think you fail when you break out of your comfort zone I think that is a victory in itself!
    Failure lies in the things you were too afraid to try.

  2. Thank you for your comments, they are so true. It's amazing how the smallest thing can make me run back to my comfort zone! But ultimately I don't want to compromise so keeping intention as my goal does (eventually!) get me back on track.


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