Friday, 15 July 2011

The great summer blog read

There are some amazing blogs out there and before I had my own blog I used to spend time browsing through, following links and finding all sorts of inspiration. Reading peoples' unique stories, taking a peak into their lives, their passions, their creativity is an amazing gift.  The talent out there is awesome and that the internet can be used to create such a positive community of like minded people must surely be one of the greatest positives of this electronic age we live in.

As I sit planning content for my own blog, I do spend less time getting lost in blogland in the way I used to.  I am still a regular and passionate visitor of many blogs but I don't have the time to get lost in the same way I used to.  It's such a shame, most of my favourite blogs were found by following links from other sites and I hate to think I am missing out.

This is why the great summer blog read caught my eye.  Such a fantastic idea to reconnect with all the things that made me want to blog in the first place and make some new discoveries.

Why don't you give it a go too?  The idea is to set aside a couple of hours a week to sit and explore other blogs.  As with exploring any great city, the best way to discover is to get lost!  Start with my links, maybe check out the Wish Studio's inspiration lounge, see where it takes you.

Have fun and  come back to share your finds!


  1. I was reading your blog and thinking... what a nice way to 'meet' new blogs and make new friends and then I looked at your list and.... OH YOU SWEET YOU!I'm on your blog like list! I got a little teary... I did. Honest. XOX

  2. I've been doing this, already, and its good to know so many people are out there doing so many interesting things.

  3. Hi Tracie, that's so sweet! Hope you've had a great weekend. x

  4. Hi Jenny, welcome to Catching Sundust and thank you for commenting. You're right, there is so much out there! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Hampton Court flower show pics, I missed it this year and it looks amazing! Becs


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