Monday, 25 July 2011

A perfect start

We kicked off the holidays with a fantastic trip to the South Coast and a catch up with old friends. 

The Moo enjoyed some scooting and rock collecting on the beach.  I love how she examined the rocks carefully to select the 'best' which were then lugged around in her backpack for the rest of the day (by daddy, of course!).

There is nothing like a rainbow manicure to complete your weekend.

Such a great way to start to the holidays. What did you do?


  1. Are you just beginning your summer vacation now in the U.K.? I love the photo of the colorful sheds??? --nice POV!. Isn't it great how kids can be happy with rocks?

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Nice to meet you. Happy Vacation!

  2. The bright sheds is a really fun shot! Lots of color and repeating pattern :)

    Those look like some lovely rocks she found; so nice of Daddy to carry them around!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog--a telepathic camera would be nice at times--some how auto just isn't quite the same :)

  3. Hi Gina, nice to meet you too and thank you for commenting.
    Yes, the schools broke up on Friday for the summer, pretty late compared to you guys!
    The beach huts are a real feature of our south coast - it makes me laugh that they sell for thousands and they don't even have plumbing or electricity! Still, they make for a pretty picture!

  4. Hi Cedar, welcome and thanks for your comment.
    I'm telling you those camera guys are really missing a trick ;)

  5. Okay, I have to know what people put in the beach huts.... I just have to know and I want one... no... I want a whole row of them because they are pretty.
    I hope you are having a great holiday and the sun is shining on you and your family! xox

  6. Hi Becs,
    I love the beach huts too, and agree one would want a whole row. Would a rainbow manicure be a reasonable substitute? :-)
    I'd love an invite to Pinterest, thank you!

  7. Hi Tracie,thank you for stopping by. People either seem to use them as a beach shed to keep their beach stuff in or they make them very pretty with bunting and so on and sit on deckchairs in the doorway with rugs over their knees drinking tea out of flasks. It's all very quirky! You're right though they are very pretty! x

  8. Hi Lee, not a substitute perhaps but definitely MUCH cheaper!! Very happy to send you an invite to pinterest but I need your email address (to pass on to them so they can contact you). Can you either leave it on the FYE flickr page or email it to me - if you click on my profile it will take you to the page with my email on it. Thank you! Becsx

  9. Email is now under my details on right side bar too :)

  10. I just LOVE quirky things! Flasks of tea and rugs on their knees.. LOVE IT!


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