Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Whenever I ask the Moo what she would like to do during the holidays she always requests a trip to the park and a picnic.  She has always regarded eating outside as a huge treat and it is lovely to have a little girl who is so happy with such simple pleasures. 

There's some gorgeous picnic inspiration out there and here are some of my current favourites.  After lots of experiments, our best picnics are definitely ones that require fingers only and as little crockery as possible.  These all fit the bill and look pretty and vintagey too:

I think this picnic box idea from designsponge strikes a nice balance - the cardboard box is sturdy enough to use again but recycled at the end of our (rather short) picnic season. I think their boxes were designed for a winter picnic so I'd swap the tartan for something light and floral. via pinterest

Wrapping sandwiches always looks so pretty and feels a bit like you're getting a present (especially if you didn't make the sandwich yourself!) with the added benefit of being able to use the wrapping as a plate. via pinterest
These striped bags are rather lovely too for sandwiches and other treats.  They remind me of the bags we used to get our sweets in from the sweet shop when I was little!

Image of Lovely Stripes Treat Bags

For drinks, I love these mason jars of sangria (with in-built fruit salad - perfect!) and lemonade bottles for the kids, via pinterest via pinterest

with pretty straws to match the stripey bags.

Image of Striped Paper Straws
Shop Sweet Lulu

All carried in a traditional basket with a pretty blanket to sit on:

Etsy via pinterest via pinterest

What could be nicer?

Two and half weeks left of school then I am looking forward to some leisurely days in the park. 

Can't wait!

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