Monday, 4 July 2011

Reading again!

So, I did it!  I completed one week of NO READING (see why here) and this is what I learned:

  • The thought of not reading anything makes me really grumpy.
  • I am very easily distracted by the internet and consequently spend WAY too much time on it.
  • Despite my worries, I didn't really miss out on that much.  Most things can wait and the really major news gets reported on radio and TV anyway.  Who knew?!
  • It takes me a lot longer to get to sleep if I haven't read those vital 3 pages of a novel.
  • Inspiration is everywhere.  I need to look around me and look harder.
  • Reading (particularly reading about other's creativity) can be a major distraction (and excuse) not to actually BE creative myself.

I love reading.  Always have and always will.  But giving it up has made me realise how much time I spend doing it and how that some of that time could be better used. 

The quest for a balanced and creative life continues......

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