Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Inspiration {and a brief break from the break...}

As part of the finding your eye photography course that I am doing, our second assignment was to put together an inspiration file of our own work.  Now we are reviewing that inspiration file as a way to further define our 'eye'.   Here are some of the shots I chose and the reasons why:

I took the shot below at the weekend and posted it Tuesday. It's in my inspiration file because this is pretty much the only landscape shot I have ever taken that I am happy with. Usually, unless it has a very specific point of interest (and even then it's pretty hit and miss), I end up with the DULLEST shot imaginable. I like this one because: the boat draws your eye in but doesn't dominate the scene; the diagonal lines from the hills, grassy bank and shoreline all draw your eye in; I like the light on the water and the natural colours. I really need to think about lines more in my photography. The more I do that, the happier I tend to be with the end result.

I love these two flower shots for very different reasons:

I love the first for the colours and the light and shade captured in it. Usually I just like to 'tweak' my photos but for this one I really boosted the vibrancy. Although I love my people shots as natural as possible, I really want to explore some of the post production techniques that can give shots such as this one an extra 'pop'.

The allium seed head really bursts out at you for a different reason. I took loads of shots of this but picked this one because I love the pov and the hint of colour behind it - the juxtaposition of the cornflowers and daisies against the brown, dried seed head gives a poignancy to the onward march of nature.

I picked the shot below because I love capturing everyday objects but am never very happy with the styling of the shot. For this one, I did virtually nothing except move the teapot a bit - sometimes less is most definitely more! I love the cool colours and I think the slats on the table have really helped give interest (lines again!).

I love storytelling in pictures.  I tend to achieve this by collaging photos together (see this post) but I would really like to explore achieving this in a single shot.  They are not my shots, but I love this, this and this on my pinterest inspiration board and I really want to experiment with this sort of shot in my photography.

Overall, review of my (current) inspiration files tells me:
  • Natural shots which capture a 'moment' are the most poignant for me
  • Storytelling is something I would really like to explore in my photography
  • I love colour, whether it be bold and vibrant or cool and subtle.
  • Lines and how they draw the eye in are really important to me.
  • I would like to use my crop tool less and use the whole frame in my composition.
It'll be interesting to see how I feel in a few months time!


  1. A very nice selection of photos, Becs. I especailly like the seed head shot and the tea setting. The lines really draw me in. Guess I'm realizing I really enjoy seeing lines in images. The last shot is especially interesting because it seems to be a black and white, with the splash of color. Well done!

  2. Such interesting things you pulled out of this exercise!

  3. Lines are awesome! I love lines too. You got a lot out of this exercise! Great explanations and examples, summarized nicely at the end. I also like how you pulled in some of your favorite shots of others as a future area to explore. I am interested to see how you will feel a few months too!

  4. Very nice! I enjoyed them all! The blossom picture is just so pretty!

  5. I've enjoyed your photos here, and your comments about what you have learned. Isn't it interesting that until we stop and look at what we've been photographing we really won't know what our "eye" is? The exercises have been challenging and helpful. Glad you shared your thoughts here.

  6. You have discovered some very interesting aspects of your photographic eye. It is a challenge to look at our own work and try to define what we love.
    Great shots!

  7. Great post! My landscapes always end up dull to me, also. Maybe because I don't know how to look at it creatively as opposed to just not liking landscapes. Ummm, something to think about. Your lines do make your picture intriguing.

    I love your photo of the seed head~lovely, crisp detail with the background blurred but more colorful.

    There sure is a lot that goes into defining your "eye" but I can see how it can really help one take more images that are pleasing to oneself.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you all so much for your comments. This course has been so great and has made me consider all sorts of things about my photography I hadn't thought about before. Looking forward to the next one and hope to see you guys there too!

  9. I especially like the seed pod! probably because of the pop of purple in the background & the white w/specks of black against the green.
    I took a peek at the inspiration you posted on Pinterest... I'd love to be able to capture story, instead of just focusing on details of an object. Your comments have helped me define some goals for my future photo shoots!

  10. Wonderful posts on your photo journey!! I love how your favorites are so varied. You have an eye for different styles of photos. I'm kind of in a rut, most of my shots were flowers. I really need to branch out like you have! I love the landscape scene!!

  11. Hi Cathy,
    Thank your lovely comment. I was stuck in a rut too but carry my camera all the time now to encourage myself to vary my shots. That said, I am very partial to flower shots too! Becsx

  12. The photo of the seedpod is terrific and I really enjoyed reading your self-analysis. Happy shooting!

  13. Thank you tidbitsandtreasures. Becsx


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