Thursday, 8 September 2011

Debris & Intuition

As part of Kat Sloma's Find your Eye course, we were asked to choose one of our own photos and then write whatever comes to mind.   This is the photo that I chose.

I took this photo on holiday this year.  I was walking along the beach one morning and saw this pile of seaweed with a champagne cork next to it.  I wanted to take the photo because it is such a lovely juxtaposition - the raw, natural seaweed against the celebration, even decadence, of the champagne cork.  I love the possibilities of the story it hints at.

I'm quite surprised that I chose this photo.  I expected that I would choose a picture of my daughter or of flowers simply because the majority of my photographs are of these two things.  I'm also surprised I chose a picture I had experimented with in post production.  Usually I do as little as possible to my photos, but it strikes me now that my editing tools can be used to enhance the mood and story of a picture.

For me, this photo is a reflection of a moment in time - I was on holiday, relaxed, open to the details that I would have missed in my everyday life as I rush from one thing to the next.  But I also think that the details in this photo are things that I am always attracted to in images - detail, feeling, story - and they are the things I strive for in my photography.  I just didn't expect to find them in a picture of beach debris.


  1. Great message in your post here about taking the time to notice. I love the colors, the textures, and all the stuff in your fact I glanced at it quickly then read your words. I had missed seeing the cork! The fact that it is even there does create a story.

    Thanks for helping me slow down and notice!

  2. We can't always explain what we are drawn to, but if we go with it wonderful things happen. I love that you discovered this detail in a moment you were truly relaxed. You found a story in the contrast that others would not have noticed. There is a bit of you in this image, I'm so happy to see you share it, and maybe learn something new about yourself.

  3. Becs,
    Such an interesting photo with a real story cloaked inside. These are the kinds of details that make photography such a surprise and pleasure - to discover those narrative treasures hidden amongst the tiny details.

    It is an eye-opening exercise to really think about what we are drawn to and try to understand the why.

  4. I love the composition and contrasts in your photo. Your narrative about how you choose your image and what you learned was so interesting. Being relaxed and open to tiny details helps us discover new things. Like you, I was surprised by what I learned about myself and my photography in this exercise.

  5. Nice post, It's always good to slow down and notice the small things.

  6. You never know what you will find at the beach! Now my mind is making up stories about the champagne cork....

  7. Thanks to all for your comments. I've loved reading everyone's posts on this one - as Kat says, a little piece of each of us in our respective images.
    @ Deborah, the cork is quite hard to see. At first I wasn't sure about this but on reflection I rather like that you DO have to look so closely. As you say, it is about slowing down and noticing.
    @ Kat, being relaxed definitely changes my photography and what I notice. I didn't expect it to make so much difference to what I see.

  8. You've provided a good reminder here--to slow down enough to notice the wonderful, picture- and memory-worthy opportunities around us. I'm glad you picked an out-of-the-ordinary photo to share with us for this assignment--it really does reveal a different part of your photographic personality.


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