Monday, 10 October 2011

Colour 2

I'm linking in with Kat Sloma's Exploring with a Camera which is covering part 2 of the colour wheel this time around.   Here is the link to part 1 on her blog and my interpretation of it is here.

I'm kind of on the eleventh hour of this link in.  I love colour but for some reason have had lots of trouble getting my head round the different combinations, despite Kat's great explanations.  I wanted to do it, though, because I learnt so much from part 1 and because it has made me think about colour combinations and how they work and why.

Because I've procrastinated for so long, I haven't found examples of all the variations, so make sure you check out Kat's original piece for the full run down.

Complementary - which Kat describes as 2 colours which are directly opposite on the colour wheel.

It's that time of year and there are many berry combinations I could have chosen, but rosehips sum up autumn for me the best so that's what I've chosen.

Triadic variation  - which Kat describes as 2 of 3 colours from a triad (a triad being 3 colours equally spaced along the colour wheel).

I've kept to autumn for my example here too - a variety of gourds and pumpkins.

Proportions - which Kat describes as 3 colours in roughly a 60:30:10 combination.

You've seen the front, now here are the backs of those beach huts.

Thank you Kat for another thought provoking piece.

Now go find which ones I missed!


  1. Becs,
    I found this study to be a challenge as well as color isn't one of my primary elements when looking for a photographic subject.

    But you have captured so beautifully the colors of autumn. I love the textures of the ghourds and pumpkins crowded in their wooden boxes. And the gorgeous ruby red of the rose hip.

    And the lovely pattern of the beach huts.

  2. Beautiful!! I really love your gourds and the rosehip...and fun seeing the beach huts from the other side! The leading lines work perfectly, letting the eye discover that slightly oddball hut towards the end. Great colour hunting!

  3. You did a wonderful job! I think this was a challenge to all of us!! Although I love colors, especially in nature, it was hard to find or make the right combination!! I've never seen rosehips on a bush, just already dried! These are lovely!

  4. Nice photos & colour combinations.

  5. Well done! I think it is impossible to find examples of everything -- well, maybe only Kat can do it. :)

    Your fall colors are beautiful! I really like the contrast in your first image too.

  6. Great job, Becs! Keep your eye out, and over time you will have found all of the combinations. :) They are all there, and we capture them, we just usually don't know what we are doing at the time of capture. I do it all the time - even with decorating. Choose a color scheme and later understand what I've done. So glad to have you joining in!

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found it a challenge!:)
    Thank you Kat - I did find it a challenge but loved it too. I am continuing to learn so much from you, thank you for that. :)


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