Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

We've had a week of arts and crafts in preparation for the Moo's halloween party yesterday.  We all had a great time - hard to believe how much noise seven 5 year olds can make!  Here's what we had prepared:

Painted pumpkins:

These are all over pinterest but I particularly loved the ones over at Whatever.


Treaure bags:

All with indidivual handmade tags by the Moo.  So sweet!

Mini pinatas:

These were great for storing (yet more!) sweets and could either by opened by pulling the tag or smashing with a stick for the more adventurous.  I found a tutorual over at Not Martha.  I used about four layers to get the right thickness for the goodies (and satisfactory smash factor) - to make sure they're not too thin I did a different colour for the first layer so you get at least two good layers.  I also used irredescent tissue paper and the dye didn't run out.  And my final tip is, don't use very old balloons - they shrink before the pinata is dry and you end up with a very large raisin which is not the effect I was going for at all and I ended up having to start again!

And finally the traditionally carved pumpkin:

We had lots of games - regular party as well as apple bobbing (the kids were great at this - I remember being rubbish at this as a child!), face painting by some a couple of very talented friends, and a halloween disco (the Moo's favourite).   

Happy halloween to you and I leave you with this piece of halloween artwork:

Have a great day.:)


  1. Whewww you girls are working hard! I loved the green eyes on the drawing... come in my house... cracked me up. Moo is right into the spirit of halloween!

  2. Aww so much awesomeness in one post! The painted pumpkins are so cute and the pinatas too! I hope you and the kids all had a great time :) xx

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  3. wow.. this could be the funnest halloween party evah!!

    Loving all the fab craft ideas! precious pumpkins, buntings and awesome drawings!!

  4. Thank you all, it really was fun. Hope you all had good halloweens.

  5. Aww.. Super cute!

    I hope you come follow my blog today with your creative self:))

  6. What a fun week! Special, special memories for both of you!! Love the artwork, it's precious!!


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