Monday, 17 October 2011


It was good to have some down time this weekend.  I'm suffering information overload (in a good way!) and a never ending to do list - so long I almost don't know where to start - and my daughter wasn't  quite as well as I thought on Friday so needed lots of rest and cuddles this weekend.  To switch off (me) and recuperate (my daughter) we did a bit of crafting:

Fairy wish cups (sprinkled with fairy dust) and left out for the fairies to enjoy (below)

My daughter was even inspired to do some cooking, creating her own recipe:

Left:  mixing.  Right:  choosing just the right pan

Ta daaaa! 

Proof if ever there was that the process is often more important than the end result!

I am attempting to catch up this week and process some of that information before half term next week.  It's going to be a busy one!


  1. I love your Fairy wish cups! Such a great idea - I should do a list of all the fun arts & crafts I discover!
    Have a lovely Monday!
    PS: Hope your little one feels better.

  2. I also love the Fairy wish cups! How adorable, and I want to go make some now.

  3. Becs - good luck with that crazy to-do list. Just remember - one thing at a time and breathe!

    Those fairy cups really are completely adorable - it makes me long for the days when my daughter was young and still believed.

  4. awww ,, your fairy wish cups are precious..what a great mama you are! Yes the cc course has plenty of fab info to wrap our head around!!!! thanks for popping in :)

  5. Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. So glad you like the wish cups, they were so easy and really fun. Hope you are having a great week, it seems to be flying by!:) Becsx


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