Friday, 28 October 2011

Week 4 - 365

It's been half term here and a bit more autumnal.  The Moo is having a halloween party on Sunday and is beyond excited.  We have been doing a lot of arts and crafts in preparation, tasters are below but check back on Monday for the full version.

From the top:  the Moo decorating the halloween bunting; homemade pinatas hanging out to dry; autumn leaves, love the colours; partially painted rainbow pumpkin; currently reading (and re-reading); new cardie - love the colour which hasn't come out so well here - it's called berry and it really is very berry!; the Moo has made special labels for all the treasure bags we are making - and little messages for her friends, so sweet!

Hope you've all had a great week.  It really has whizzed by and I do love having my little helper around!

Have a great weekend and check back on Monday for our (not very) spooky halloween creations. :)


  1. A week filled with orange and black! And that lovely berry cardie. What treasured moments you have created and captured.

  2. Looks like you had a busy, fun week with your daughter! Kids are always so excited about Halloween. It's right up there with Christmas!! Love those pinatas!!

  3. Such FUN! I always hated when my girls had to go back to school, selfishly I wanted to keep them home with me and play with paper and have 3pm hot chocolate and popcorn and just squeeze on them. That precious time just goes to quickly!

  4. What a busy girl! Looks like halloween preparations are coming along nicely- Like you painted pumpkin.

  5. I'm loving that rainbow pumpkin! You've got such a sweet little helper:)

    I've got a little 'present' for you over at my place, if you're interested...

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments. We had such a great time.
    @ Tracie - I am exactly the same, would keep her at home with me all the time if I could!
    Hope you all had a great halloween and have a lovely week. :)


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