Monday, 7 November 2011

An award??

The lovely Tracie over at

and the lovely Tezzie over at     

have nominated me for the Versatile Blog award and I am thrilled to bits.  Tracie and Tezzie are both huge supporters of my blog for which I'd like to say a massive thank you to them both.  Tracie has been here right from the start - one of my first followers and blog friends, so extra special thanks to you Tracie.

To accept the award you must thank the person who awarded it and include a link to their blog.  Then choose (up to) 15 bloggers to pass the award along to.....and share 7 things about yourself.

So, here goes.  I received the award over a week ago and have been trying to think of interesting things you might like to know about me with no success.  So here they are,  the emphasis here is on random!

  • I lived in Paris for 18 months (about 10 years ago).  There is nothing like walking round Paris on a clear, crisp autumn day.  I am embarassed to say my French is still dreadful. :(
Print by Cake with Giants via Pinterest 
  • If I was rich my ultimate luxury would be to employ a chauffeur.   No more driving would be heaven!

  • I LOVE marmite.

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via pinterest
  • Fresh cut grass is my favourite smell ever.  Followed closely by the sea.  A house with a pretty garden by the sea.....yes please!

  • My favourite film is the Wizard of Oz.  I have always, always wanted Dorothy shoes.
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  • I'm a nikon girl. 
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Nikon d5000 by Nikon via Pinterest
  • I prefer cheap milk chocolate to the fancy kind - give me a bar of Galaxy over 70% cocoa any day!

Here are the blogs I am nominating. 

(I know not everyone is keen on these awards so if you're on the list but don't want to accept that's fine, just sit back and bask in the love!).

Big hugs girls and a virtual high five!  :)

Now, go check all those lovely blogs out - Tracie's eyebrow story is definitely one to look out for!


  1. Fun to learn a bit more about you! And, if you're renting out a room in the guest house of that beach home with a garden, then I'm there! ;D

  2. Becs,
    What a nice surprise! Thanks for the nomination!

  3. Becs,
    Yes, I too enjoyed learning these random and fun facts about you.

    And I am deeply honored to receive a nomination from you - thank you so much for the support and recognition.

  4. Becs,
    You are so sweet!! Thanks for the nomination, I'm thrilled that you enjoy my blog!! I love what you shared about yourself! It will probably take me a few days to come up with something to share!!
    Thanks again!!

  5. Hey all,
    @ Tezzie, thank you again for my nomination, so thrilled!
    @Deborah, Brenda and Cathy, you're very welcome, so happy to be able to spread some blog love to your gorgeous blogs.
    Have a great week. :)

  6. Than you so much for nominating me. Very kind. I've been thinking about it & not sure whether I'll pass it on- but thanks so much fo thinking of me!

  7. Hi Leanne, you're welcome and no pressure, entirely up to you. :) x


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