Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I feel kind of restless at the minute.  I am surrounded by reminders that Christmas is on the way (not least by an obsessive five year old writing endless Christmas lists!) and yet it doesn't really feel like it.  Looking round my garden today, I think my garden feels the same way. 

There are a few signs that winter is on it's way

but today the sky is blue and the sun is shining - a weaker, cooler sun, but shining nonetheless.  This makes a change from the grey, drizzly yet unseasonably warm weather which we have been experiencing and my plants don't seem to know what to do:

I'm not a great fan of winter so I'm not really complaining, it's just, well..........confusing.


  1. Becs, it's very confusing I agree. It's very mild over there, no gloves or big scarf needed and even if the Christmas decorations are up the atmosphere is not quite right.
    Love your first photo - perfect winter day, I would love the cold to be there......Have a beautiful day!

  2. I feel the same in Malta. It doesnt quite feel like Christmas without the frost, the grey drizzly mornings and having to wrap up warm! Enjoy it while it lasts though, I'm sure you'll be sick of the cold as soon as it arrives! xxx

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  3. I'm almost afraid to say this out loud so I will type it very quietly... it hasn't snowed here in Helsinki yet and we are in the middle of November. I wore a big bulky sweater to the grocery store today, no coat. I almost felt like I was breaking the law.:)
    Great pics! XOX Tracie

  4. It may be odd, but you are so lucky to have a garden that still looks like summer! Love the rose bud image- great composition and DOF!
    Also, this is a late thank you for your kind comment on my guest MM post. I so appreciate your support!
    Happy week to you :)

  5. We're the same way here! Confused! It's in the 70's and feels nothing like Thanksgiving is arriving quickly and then Christmas. I'm with you, I love cold weather. I sure don't want to put up my Christmas tree in my shorts and the air conditioner running!! Love your photos. The blooms are beautiful!

  6. Nice shots, love the first one with the sun shining through the bare trees.
    I always spend Christmas in the heat..and it's certainly heating up at the moment. Just got to put my mind to some Christmas sopping now.

  7. It still seems like autumn here but when we had a memorial for a friend in the garden someone picked a whole bowl of really beautiful roses. As you say... weird...

  8. Hello all, thank you for your comments. I'm glad it's not just me and my garden finding it confusing! Hope you're all having a great week. :) x

  9. Becs, you're definitely not alone. Aside from the strange October snowstorm, it's continuing to be unseasonably mild here in Maine. But I'm not complaining. Once winter does set in, we know it will be here a long time!


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