Monday, 21 November 2011

Happiness photo #2

On my blog travels this week I found that Leigh over at Leigh vs Laundry has already had my awesome idea to post a happy photo every week and has even organised herself with Mr linky tools and a pretty badge, so I am continuing my happiness photo series and linking in with Leigh.  Check the links if you'd like share in the happy. :)

I love this photo of the Moo.  I'm not sure why she is carrying her scooter on the empty pavement when she could be actually scooting but she is looking so purposeful and determined.  This is our favourite stretch of seafront and we've spent many happy hours along here.  The smell of the sea and the colour of the beach huts.....just gorgeous.

Happy Monday. :)


  1. Love the beach huts....very colourful! And your little one seems definitely very determined as she is walking on the pavement, like she has a plan in mind!
    Happy Monday Becs!!

  2. You know how I love your beach huts! I'm thinking Moo is about to thow down and ride like the wind and bust out in song.
    Happy Monday!
    XOX Tracie

  3. Hi MarieHarmony, thank you so much for joining in my happiness monday, so lovely to share the happy! You're right, she does look like she has a plan and
    @ Tracie, that sounds very much like the Moo and could definitely be the plan, :)))
    Happy Monday to you both. x

  4. What a vision in pink! And a purposeful one at that. We may not, as grownups, quite understand the purpose but it quite obviously there.

  5. beautiful, A great spot-love the beach huts & it looks like she has a big smile on her face.

  6. Aww lil Moo really does look like she has her destination in sight! Such a gorgeous photo xxx
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  7. she looks so sweet carrying her scooter. love the colors too!

  8. Nice Photo! You just never know what is going on in the mind of little girls :)

  9. She seems very determined! Great shot!


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