Sunday, 13 November 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Trying something new this week, Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Rambling and Photos.  Such a great idea, I've just never managed to get my act together before!  Here goes:

Before and After (processed image)

Today is Remembrance Sunday, so a poppy seemed appropriate.  I took the original (left) as part of my 365.  The light here is pretty rubbish at the minute (cloudy, grey, drizzle) so I cropped and edited to lighten and brighten it.

Opposing Lines (from Kat's Exploring with a Camera)

I posted on this here.

Custom Bokeh

Have always wanted to try this and this prompt finally made me do it!

Which pair of shoes should I wear?   

Ummmm, these ones I think!  (pretty sure she sleeps in them!).

Little features

Is there anything more gorgeous than new little fingers?

Have a great Sunday and thank you Ashley for hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday. :)


  1. Lovely photos and great interpretations of all the prompts. Happy Sunday

  2. Your bokeh is just amazing! Love your opposing line shot too - so cool!

  3. What a great take that you had on all of the prompts. Your opposing lines is really very cool

  4. Love the perspective in the lines shot!!!! Great photos!

  5. opposing lines is fantastic!I like your interpretations this week.

  6. The shoes shot is so precious, love it! And thank you for choosing poppy for the prompt. We should never forget!

  7. shoes shot is adorable! isn't the Scavenger Hunt cool? what a way to get us picking up our camera.

  8. your bokeh came out really great! love your opposing lines shot!

  9. Great set, love your lines shot, fantastic perspective and your little features is so adorable!

  10. Those shoes... love them. Little features is a great moment.

  11. I love those shoes...are those blues clues jammies? Your star bokeh came out very well! Great set!

  12. Thanks so much for all your comments. I have loved visiting all your blogs and seeing your interpretations of the the prompts, so inspiring. Hope you all have a great week. :)


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