Thursday, 1 December 2011

All the sweeter

The Moo was home from school yesterday due to the public sector strikes.  This term is so long it was actually a welcome mid-week break and all the sweeter for feeling slightly illicit. 

The day started very leisurely, coffee for me, tv for her, both in our pjs.

We did some hama beads and read a magazine.

And her highlight of the day was making a mud swamp smoothie from her Shrek book.

Sickly sweet, but she loved it.  Here's the recipe for anyone who would like it:

I hope you all have an ice-cream scoob or you may struggle! 

A perfect mid-week treat. Hope you had a sweet day. :)


  1. What a wonderful unexpected celebration! I'll be looking for my ice-cream scoob today.

  2. TOO CUTE! What a nice way to spend the day!
    XOX Tracie

  3. Oh, yummie! I love that she wrote that out for us. I must find my ice cream scoob immediately.

  4. The smoothie sounds delicious! I love anything chocolate!! Sounds like you made the day very special! Great photos!

  5. Sometime a relaxing day like this is the only thing we need. The smoothie sounds original but with chocolate I can't say no.
    Take care.


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