Monday, 5 December 2011

Happiness photo #4

A photo from Friday.

The first mince pies of the Christmas season.

Some of my girl friends came round on Friday evening and we made Christmas cookie decorations.  It was lovely, we baked the cookies,  chatted, sipped mulled wine and ate mince pies.  My kitchen smelled divine.  It was so relaxed and lovely to feel the warmth of the wine, oven and friendship.  Such a great way to start the festive season.


  1. Becs,
    What a lovely photo! I greatly admire the creativity of these tiny works of art. Since I don't bake, I will participate virtually through your efforts. Thanks for sharing your day in the kitchen with friends.

  2. Just lovely little pies! What a great shot! It looks like it came straight from a cookbook. Nice job my dear!
    XOX Tracie

  3. Thank you all so much for your comments. They really were yummy...I am sitting looking at a plate of crumbs now!

  4. Beautiful pies... they look delicious! Happy Tuesday!

  5. They remind me of my grandmother, who used to make them.

    Especially around the holidays.


    PS. These look beautiful!

  6. You made them, great job. With mulled wine and good friends, it definitely feels like Christmas. These moments and memories are precious.


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