Monday, 12 December 2011

Happiness photo #5

Our Christmas tree is up!  We always have a  real tree and we are very much of the 'more is more' school of thought when it comes to decorations.  No theme, everything goes on the tree, colours mixed, tinsel, lights the lot.   

The faint smell of Christmas tree, gingerbread and cinnamon remind me it's the festive season every time I come into my kitchen and sitting room.  Best of all though is the Moo's delight in it all.  She spends hours every day arranging and rearranging the decorations.  The first thing she said to me this morning was "mummy, can I have breakfast next to the Christmas tree".   Seeing the season through a five year old's eyes really is a reminder of the magic of Christmas.

Wishing you a festive and happy Monday. :)


  1. Beautiful decorations! The Christmas tree really creates a special atmosphere in the house.
    Have a lovely & happy Monday Becs.

  2. Oh, Becs - such lovely photos of your tree. And yes, you are lucky to have a little one around - to see the magic of the holidays through her eyes. There is nothing more precious. Our grandson (2 and a half) will be here next week - I can't wait!

  3. Hi MarieHarmony and Brenda, lovely to see you.
    @ Brenda, how exciting to see your grandson, have a fabulous time. They are just starting to 'get' Christmas at that age, what fun!
    Hope you've both had a lovely day. x

  4. Wonderful combo of holiday images! I love five year olds....I taught Kindergarten for over twenty years. Such a delightful age!

  5. Pretty ornaments. We have the more is more theme here too.

  6. Beautiful!!!!! Love having a little one at little ones are all bigger ones now though. LOL

  7. That is the way my parents have always done it. We have a small silver tree and not a lot of ornaments at this point! Love the images!


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