Monday, 19 December 2011

Happiness Photo #6

Here's the Moo in her ballet outfit.  Her ballet class did a very sweet little Christmas recital last week. She did brilliantly in the first part and then refused to participate in the group dance - although she did join them for the bow at the end (that's my girl!).  The absolute highlight for her (and the others) was the fake snow and they spent a great deal of time throwing it at each other and making snow angels! 

Amazing how much joy a handful or two of fake snow can bring.

Happy Monday. :)



  1. Becs, love the fluffy, feathery hair boa - which has its own snowy look! I can certainly understand why these photos make you happy. They bring back memories of my daughter's gymnastics days.

  2. The bow at the end is the best part, no dance is complete without it. LilDuck ends everything,sometimes even a tantrum, with a grand bow :O)

    She is beautiful as is her hair full of snow! Love the photos!

  3. I am so behind on my visits!
    Moo is just a precious one!
    Both my girls danced ballet and tap danced from 3 yrs old until 18 the little ones always make my eyes well up, they are such sugar babies even when they are dancing to their own steps.
    XOX Tracie
    PS. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I've been trying to reply through emails to everyone to try something new. But for some reason yours bounced back to me, who knows why.


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