Sunday, 11 December 2011


Like many husbands, mine works long hours with a fair bit of travel.  Spending any time at all together as a family can be a challenge.  Time where we really relax and connect is a precious gift.

Here's one of my favourite shots of my husband and the Moo from the summer.  I'm looking forward to many Christmas 2011 versions of this.

(image processed using Kim Klassen's 'phoebe' texture)


  1. Becs, I love this. What a precious moment you recorded here.

  2. Lovely "together" image Becs! I love her exuberance and his calm steadiness by her side. Thanks for sharing this in Many Muses Musing today!

  3. They look very happy together! What a pretty pathway. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. How sweet! I hope you will be able to enjoy some time together around Christmas. It is such a special time, it is nice when you can share these moments in a nice and calm atmosphere!


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