Thursday, 15 December 2011


I feel a bit stagnant at the minute.  I'm not sure if it's the Christmas hoopla or the limited daylight hours that's doing it, but I feel a curious mixture of wanting to move forward creatively, and  a sense of complete inertia and uninspiration.

I've read some great articles on this lately, so I know I'm not alone.  Creative Everyday has a series of guest posts on feeling 'wintery' and I especially loved this one and this one

I have come to the conclusion that sitting staring at a blank screen and getting cross with myself is not beneficial to anyone.  So today I got out and did some gardening  - a last ditch attempt to vaguely sort the garden out before the forecast snow arrives.  Even the garden seems to have a sense  of inertia about it.  I did a lot of clearing up but nothing looks very pretty.  I found a few bulbs to plant so there is at least the promise of something new to look forward too. 

It did feel good to be outside with the cold wintery air on my cheeks and my hands in the dirt.  Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of my garden's book (so to speak), settle in for the winter, enjoy the down time and look forward to the new shoots of spring.

And maybe clean my nails and crack open the sparkly Christmas nail varnish!

Anyone else feel like this and how do you get over the winter bleughs?


  1. Becs,
    I don't garden so I can't use digging in the dirt as a solution to the winter blues. Right now, my problem is feeling unfocused, not really sure where to go next. But I completely understand that frustration of staring at a blank screen and beoming cross. Perhaps the settling in for winter downtime is the right choice.

  2. Oh, how lovely to be able to still dig in the dirt!!

    I totally understand the winter 'blahs'...they tend to hit me this time of year, just before Christmas. I don't imagine that the stress of the upcoming holidays help matters much. I'm afraid that I haven't figured out how to get over the 'blahs'', though. Just having to get through, taking care of my day at a time. I DO know, though, that the computer is zero help for me. I tend to sit in front of it for too long at a time, and then I feel worse for not using my time well. I should be working on something crafty, instead...creating leads to more ideas and more creating :) Which makes ME feel good <3

    Hope you're able to work your way out of the're not alone!

  3. I have no garden and miss it. Getting outside into the fresh air and daylight is probably a good idea. I've suffered from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) since long before it had a name and cute acronym. For what it's worth...I'm not giving medical advice here, but I have noticed that since I began taking a vitamin D supplement two years ago, my wintertime blahs and blues have been much less intense than they used to be. I haven't even needed to use my light box.

  4. I appreciate your thoughts here about Winter and feeling blah. I recently began reading Creative Everyday and also love the posts about 'wintering'. Isn't it interesting that once you put your truth out there you find that so many others have similar experiences? It is very hopeful to me to be reminded that soon the days will be getting longer...

  5. I'm feeling wintery too. I have lost the last 10 days or so to the flu. Today I'm ready to leave my sick nest and breathe in some fresh air. I am excited to get back to creating I have been missing my paint brushes.
    XOX Tracie

  6. Hello, thank you for all your comments. I'm sorry so many of us seem to be feeling like this, but it is also quite comforting to know I'm not the only one!
    @ Brenda, unfocused is definitely a big issue for me too. Hope we both find some focus soon - I think for me embracing some downtime is one of the answers although I am really bad at this!
    @ Tezzie, I hear you on the no computer thing. It does end up being such a time suck. I am definitely planning some craft activities and see if that gets some juices flowing!
    @ Lee, sorry to hear you suffer SAD but very interested to hear how vitamin D has helped. I've been toying with the idea of taking some. I think I'll give it a go - you are one of several people who have recommended it. Thank you for the advice.
    @ Debs, it is comforting that I'm not the only one. I'm really looking forward to spring - it just seems such a long way off at this point!
    @ Tracie, so sorry you've been sick but glad you're better. Have fun with your paint brushes - I hope you'll be posting your creations. :)
    Lots of love Becsx


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