Thursday, 5 January 2012

Playing with Contrast

We had a quiet new year and spent new year's day at the Natural History Museum in London - the Moo was desperate to see their dinosaur exhibition and it didn't disappoint.

Here are some photos I took outside the museum where they've set up a traditional carousel and an ice rink for Christmas.  The light and colour were somewhat muted and dreary so I've had a play with black and white and some texture which I think give them a nice, nostalgic and old fashioned feel.

I'm usually a colour magnet but I think the black and white contrast work really well on the ice and the skaters.  The reality was that the ice was quite slushy and struggling to say frozen in this unseasonably warm weather we are still experiencing.  The black and white makes it look much 'icey'.

I was also surprised how much I like the carousel in black and white.  The carousel colours were actually very bright but against the historical building I think the black and white gives it more cohesion and emphasises a sense of history for both the building and the traditional nature of the carousel. 

I find it fascinating that you can change the whole feel of a photograph by playing with things like contrast and texture.   I haven't explored black and white much before but I love how it's emphasising the contrasts and you already know about my Kim Klassen texture obsession. ;)


  1. Those work really well. The colour and the vignetting make them look from another age, and they have a timeless quality.

    I've not done much with black and white, although I was reading about it the other day and you are inspiring me to have a try.

  2. How terrific! I had a long run with loving B&W, now you have me thinking about it again.
    Love your added words on the carousel.
    XO Tracie

  3. Becs,
    Very successful experimentation! I agree that your images work very well in BW - really does emphasis the textures and gorgeous lines. Sometimes color can be a distraction and I think you are right that this treatment brings a real sense of cohesion to the images.

    I have found myself drawn to black-and-white recently as well - something about our gray winter days when there isn't much in the way of color anyway.

  4. Becs,
    I have to agree with Brenda, the black and white treatment really suits your photos well. The first image really catches my eye, and it does have a nostalgic feel to it. Nicely done!

  5. These are great- love what you've done- the B&W looks fabulous.

  6. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I am surprised by how much I like b&w!

    @ Carolyn, it's really fun to have a play with and the results can be really surprising so I hope you'll have a go.

  7. thanks for linking up at the mortal muse blog! these are gorgeous.


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