Thursday, 26 January 2012


Kat's Exploring with a Camera series is looking at windows.  Check out the full article here - there are so many possibilities and so many that I hadn't considered.

Going through my archives, I noticed that I am usually drawn to windows for their light and/or reflective qualities.

Reflection of the rain on the skylight.

Reflection of the Moo playing.

Light source and my reflection through frosted glass

Even when using a window as a frame, I noticed that the majority of my window shots are from the inside looking out.

Window framing garden

But there are so many other possibilites and Kat inspired me to experiment with windows looking from the outside in.

I love the invitation of the brightly lit tea room but also the customers, oblivous to me, getting on with their own lives, making their own memories.  Such story telling possibilities with this technique.

And capturing quirky window displays (loooove those Singer sewing machines).

And finally, playing with slow shutter speed in the car (don't worry,  I wasn't driving!).

Playing with the slow shutter app on my iphone

I love the different possiblities photographing something as simple as a window can offer.  It has really given me a lot to think about and I look forward to playing and exploring further, particularly with the story-telling possiblities they present. Go and check out Kat's full post and be inspired. :)


  1. Wonderful Becs! That skylight is a very cool abstract, and the reflection of your daughter playing is great - love her little feet! My favorites, though, are the outside looking in. You really do show the storytelling possibilities with this perspective. Thanks for linking in!

  2. What a great series of windows! I love this theme, don't you? I also noticed you participated in Texture Tues (I didn't this week:( - I love the story imagined in that shot and your texture use is fabulous. Another texture party you might want to explore is hosted by Bonnie at that is every Friday - Photo Art Friday. Her free textures and take on photo art encourage/push you to try totally abstract and random things in using textures to transform your photo(s) into something entirely new. Check it out and stretch your perceptions! :) I've found it lots of fun.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Terrie. Will check it out, it sounds great.

  3. I love your series, Becs. Windows are so much fun to photograph for all the reasons you mentioned. I love the sewing machines shot! And the pattern of raindrops reflected from the skylight.

  4. These are wonderful! I love the one of your daughter and also the tea room! Oh, and I so LOVE the sewing machines!! I want them all!

  5. Great pictures love the kid playing for the window.

  6. Becs, those tea room photos just draw me in. I'd love to know what everyone is talking about, what kind of tea they are drinking, where they are from. The decor, the lighting, and the treats in the window add to the story.

  7. You have a great series here, Becs! Windows really are a fun theme -- you are right about the storytelling that goes with the images. My favorite is the desk with the window framing the garden -- so peaceful and lovely!

  8. Your photos are always so lovely, really inspiring. I love how you look back through your archives and consciously try new and different things. The window pics are especially gorgeous.

    And thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xxx

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