Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Joining in with Snap it over at Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love, whose theme today is colour.....and my colour is yellow!

Processed using textures plaster squared by Kim Klassen and ephemeral by Pixel Dust Photo Art

My heart makes a happy sigh when the first signs of yellow burst through the earth.  Daffodils in particular say spring is here, or at least well on the way (the snow covered daffodils we had last week made me panic a bit!).  We've had a funny old winter, pretty mild, pretty drab and grey and I'm tired of looking at my brown garden.  But as soon as the splashes of yellow arrive - as daffodils, as tulips, as crocuses - a little light goes on somewhere, the end of hibernation, the sign of new beginnings.

Processed using Kim Klassen textures organic and cherish

Yellow says happy to me. :)


  1. Agreed. Yellow=happy. Is all the snow gone then?

    1. Snow came and went within 48 hours. Perfect! Just enough to have fun, none of the lingering, icey problems. :)

  2. SPring is such a beautiful season, lovely when you see that first touch of colour! (not that it's Spring here:))Nice photos, I love the daffodil.

  3. Ciao Becs! :)
    Cheerful and beautiful photos, they sure make me smile! :D
    Hubby and I saw the first sign of spring too during the weekend, but the rain&wind blizzard we are having now is killing all the crocuses, sob! :(
    Have a happy hump day!

  4. Love the colours of your flowers Becs. They bring a bit of sunshine in these winter days we'd like to say goodbye too.

  5. Such a gorgeous happy colour. Lovely photos as well.

    I'm visiting via snapit.

  6. Yes, yellow is happiness. You have captured what we are all now wishing for - the end of gray winter days and the coming on of Spring. Beautiful processing. In both shots, I really like your composition - the great use of negative space (in the first) and leading lines (in the second).

  7. Great images!! I love the color yellow too! Such a happy and cheerful sight in anyones garden!!

  8. Lovely portents of spring. It's a gray day here, raining off and on, so these are a welcome presence.

  9. how beautiful!! I bet you are loving the thought of Spring arriving! great pics.


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