Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We've been talking about fear at Beyond Layers and something Kim said really jumped out at me:

"Sometimes we make this most awesome piece of art....then in pops fear..... what if the next piece isn't awesome... then what? Sometimes that 'then what'...can stop us dead in our tracks!! And we fail to try again."

That feeling where you know you've created something beautiful, something meaningful that really captures what you wanted to say and how you wanted to say it.  For me, it doesn't happen as often as I'd like...but when it does....  Wow.  And then the fear.  That you'll never produce anything as good ever again.  That feeling that stops you from picking up your camera, starting to type, starting anything.

At Kim's recommendation, I've just read Steven Pressfield's book Do The Work and his advice is so simple...."Don't prepare.  Begin".

It almost made me laugh when I read that - I have so much 'in preparation' it's almost ridiculous.  But I can't deny that the projects 'in preparation' have pretty much stayed 'in preparation'.   Mostly because of the fear that they won't live up to my own (self-imposed) expectation of them.

But the flip side to fear is hope.  And so it is with hope and in the spirit of fear-conquering that I take my projects out of 'preparation', pick up my camera, embrace what's to come - good or bad.  After all, at the very least I'll learn something.....and there's always that hope, however small, that I'll hit the jackpot and create something awesome.

Written for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers.
Image processed using Kim Klassen texture the veil.


  1. Your words and this picture together really made me stop for awhile and THINK - thank you!!

  2. If it happened all the time, I am sure we would not appreciate it as much!
    This is a truly beautiful image Becs, and so perfect for your post.

    Thank you so very much for being a part of The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day, and I will surely still see you here!


  3. How beautiful- love the image & also love your words.

  4. Words of wisdom - from Kim, from Steven, from you. And the perfect illustration to go with them.

  5. Your appealing image reminds me that hope is a near antonym of fear and, as long as we have hope, fear will not triumph.

  6. Becs - I was very moved by your post. I suffer from this "then what" fear each time. That I will never find words for another blog post; that I will never take another decent image. That it will all desert me the next time; that this time was merely a fluke or some type of luck. Even with evidence to the contrary. Thank you for putting into words "the fear" but most of all for pointing the way to its flip-side of hope; the antidote to living scared.

  7. Ah yes, those fears that rack us so often as we photograph and blog! Thanks for the reminder that hope is opposite of fear!! Beautiful image; love the necklace!!

  8. I cannot get your picture to come up and am so disappointed. I really did want to see it. Know you are loving Kim’s class as much as I am. Take care...Genie

    1. Hi Genie, so sorry you can't get the picture up. I'm not sure why that is, I've done a quick test and it seems to be fine...hopefully it was a temporary glitch which is sorted now. Otherwise here's a link to it on my flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/59135773@N03/6832747580/
      Thanks so much for visiting and I'll see you around in Beyond Layers. :)

  9. I just LOVE this.. What a wonderful post and your photo is awesome..

  10. I came here via ShutterSister via LightsAndLetters ... I've been exploring creativity on my blog and recently wrote about fear too. I've read most of Pressfield's War of Art and have decided he's brilliant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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