Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eggs and Blue Skies

So far today I have hard boiled a lot of eggs.  The Moo needs a hard boiled egg for an egg rolling competition and then 3 extra ones to decorate for an Easter egg competition they're holding at school.  You'd think hard boiling a few eggs would be easy, wouldn't you?  I mean, I'm OK at cooking and it's just boiling some water with eggs in it.   10 eggs later (yes, 10) I finally have enough un-cracked eggs for 1 egg rolling competition and 3 for the  decorating competition.  

a small selection of those that didn't make the cut......

Guess who's eating a lot of egg mayo sandwiches today....

In an attempt to walk off my egg induced grumpiness, I went for a walk.  You're going to have the forgive the amount of blue sky shots, but you need to remember it's been grey here for a really, really long time and I don't know how long this will last.  Plus I was really grumpy.  All these were taken on my iphone. 

Sun sparkling on the stream:

and flowers in what is currently my favourite colour:

and if you want to really experience it with me, this is the music that I was listening to as I walked.

Egg grumpiness over.  :)


  1. Blue Sky I take!! We are too enjoying some lovely makes such a difference.
    Glad you finally got your eggs done properly.....I am bad at boiling eggs the right time, so I understand.
    Have a lovely day Becs, enjoy each ray of sunshine. It won't last forever.

  2. Oh, this made me smile! Photography as an antidote to egg grumpiness! I hadn't realized it had that power but am always glad to find out its many and varied uses. Love your collages.

  3. nice job with the phone! dang, way impressed! when life gives you cracked boiled eggs make sandwiches :) happy blue sky days! we are getting brighter skys here too, but no green grass to roll eggs! still lots of white here. xo

  4. Beautiful photos of your walk.
    PS i love egg & mayo sandwiches.

  5. Three cheers for blue skies, and for iPhone pics, too. These are beautiful! I think you've just come up with a new slogan - when life hands you cracked eggs, make egg sandwiches! (Try adding a little curry powder and some chutney along with the mayo - it's delicious!) :-)

    1. Haha! Maybe I'll make that my new blog tagline! Thanks for the egg tips, will definitely give that a go. I added a bit of mustard and some spring onions and that was pretty good too. :)

  6. What lovely day and a lovely place to walk!! I went for a photo walk today, too! I guess we both needed to relax! Love your images, those blue skies are gorgeous and the yellow flowers are so springy!!!


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