Monday, 12 March 2012

Happiness Photo #17

We're being teased a bit with the weather  at the minute so I say this with some trepidation but I think spring might have arrived.  Yippeee!

This weekend was sunny and mild and I spent a lot of it in the garden, hands in the dirt, preparing the soil for new things to come.  So much hope and promise, so lovely to feel the sun on my cheeks and so nice to plan and prepare for the next growth cycle.

And just as I was typing this, the door bell went and my new Patti Digh book (Life is a Verb) arrived.  Yay, double happiness today. :)

What's making you happy? 


  1. I'm not a gardening person - my thumb is any color but green - but I think I can understand your happiness at the first glimmers of spring's renewal.

  2. The arrival of Spring is always a lovely moment to witness, time to prepare things for a new season.
    I would love to have a day! In the meantime enjoy Becs!

  3. I can't wait for spring!'s been nice to see the sun out the last couple of days as it had been so gray and dreary for almost the entire week up until yesterday!

  4. It's raining cats and dogs here, the wintry (not the springy) kind.
    But that's okay. We need the rain!


  5. Those little flowers of spring make me very happy! I find myself smiling each time I go outdoors!!

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  7. I love double happiness days!


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