Friday, 2 March 2012

Week 22 - 365

From the top:  bubbles in London; the lego ledge; my camellia is out (weirdly early); aubergine moussaka for supper; trip to the book shop - have heard loads about both, thought it was time I read them!  Loving Tina Fey so far; it's been foggy round here, this is the sun masked in fog; the Moo's contribution to this weeks photos, taken in the car before school this morning.

Hope you've all a great week.

Happy weekend. :)

ps can you believe I'm on week 22!


  1. Ahh, more of those lovely bubbles :) And I love your Lego ledge - my son's favorite toy when he was very young were his Duplo's (pre-school Legos). We built SO many things with those blocks - great memeories!

  2. I've read all the hunger games & they're great. My son got them for Christmas so I had to read them too- we finished all 3 in a very short time! Love the Moo's shot, quite artful!

  3. I liked all three of the Hunger Games books and went through them very quickly, too. It was impossible to stop with just one! 22 weeks, good for you, Becs! I admire your diligence. You make it look so easy!


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