Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Colours of Provence

It's difficult to know where to start with the myriad of photographs I took on our recent trip to the South of France.  But the thing that really jumped out at me as soon as we arrived were the colours.  Beautiful, earthy, soft colours that merge with  and reflect the natural surroundings.  These colours are reflected across the natural and the man-made and are at their best sitting bathed in gorgeous Mediterranean sunlight. 

Houses nestled into the hills across Provence

Soft blues and purples

...combined with soft oranges and yellows

...and shades of pink

Alongside soft olives

This is the first time we've been to the South of France in early spring. I loved watching the colours change from their sunlit glow under clear, blue skies to their surprising vibrancy in the low lying, heavy-with-raindrop clouds.  Maybe it was that the man-made complimented the natural so beautifully or maybe it was that we were relaxed and carefree but these gorgeous colours seemed to combat any grey beautifully.


  1. Becs,
    I can see why those colors impressed you. You have captured them beautifully here. They are soft and peaceful.

  2. What lovely photos, and yes, gorgeous soft colors. I love the way you've paired up your examples of each color or combination. You've really given me a sense of the place.

  3. A fabulous place to start, these photos are lovely, and you've presented them beautifully.

  4. All I can say is WOW! They say the light in the south of France is something special and it would appear to be true. I love this selection of images that show off the soft, earthy tones. Thank you for bringing Provence to life for me.

  5. Wonderful captures of light and color, Becs! Your lovely images remind me of my visit to Provence in 1996 -- time to go back, I think!

  6. Thanks for brightening my day with this fab mini tour of Provence! :D

  7. I love how you paired the buildings with flowers! The pastel colors are perfect for spring!! My favorite is all the wisteria along the wall in front of the blue shutters/doors! I would love to walk down that path!!


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