Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Follow the Stars

The South of France is full of Medieveal hill villages and history.  Intriguing narrow streets with coloured walls and shutters, inviting you to get lost and uncover their secrets.  In fact, the best way to uncover their secrets IS to get lost.  So whilst in some villages we loosely based our wanderings on their rather beautiful starry path, in others we lost.

Follow me....

This way!...

Come on!


Join me for a coffee here? :)

Many of these little villages don't allow traffic on their precarious, narrow streets which makes for a wonderfully peaceful walk, allowing you time to really drink in the beauty.  It really did feel like a different world.



  1. Looks like a beautiful place, we are planning a trip to Southern France in a month or so, so loved looking :-)

  2. It is so beautiful! it reminded me many good memories. I wand to get lost in one of those villages again, feel free. It's what the south of France gives me, freedom and serenity.
    Thanks for this magical trip Becs!

  3. This looks so beautiful Becs, love those narrow streets-especially the stars! and love all the old buildings & shutters on the windows.

  4. another good reason to go back to France!

  5. How cool is that - a path of stars to follow? Such incredible fun. And of course, those lovely, lovely buildings with their winding narrow streets. Gorgeous! (I noticed that your daughter was always leading the charge :)

  6. What a lovely adventure, following the stars!! I love the blue shutters in the second image; new shutters next to old, fascinating contrast.

  7. Gorgeousness! :D
    I am quite homesick now, the South of France sure remember me of my beloved Italy. :)
    I miss shutters soooo much too. Why oh why there are not shutters in the UK? LOL!
    Thanks for another fab virtual tour, Becs!! Much appreciated.

  8. I always enjoy your blog posts, Becs, but this is a favorite. Mainly because through your lens I'm able to see a part of the world I've never seen. The colors, textures, and style of these homes along those narrow streets and alleys are so inviting. What a lovely place to get lost!

  9. Such beautiful photos . . . thank you for sharing!


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