Thursday, 10 May 2012

A culinary tour of sorts...

For the last of my South of France posts, I thought I'd share some of the food we had - I mean I couldn't really do posts about France without some mention of food.  I have to confess though, my enthusiasm to photograph was slightly overtaken by my enthusiasm to eat so these are rather select highlights....

I absolutely loved the open air markets and local grocers which are so much part of the French lifestyle.  So much nicer than the supermarket!


a little something for the tourists....

Fresh produce at the greengrocer.....and on the tree in our back garden. :)


and not for the faint-hearted:


Washed down with my personal favourite aspect of the cuisine....

I love the French approach - sort of laid back 'let's have lunch' attitude whilst at the same time taking their food very seriously.  It was a fabulous feast for both the eye as we explored the markets and the taste buds as we sampled the local cuisine.

There is also something about eating out in the open air with the sun shining down on you.  My final photo is of a outdoor cafe in Grasse.  Such fun to watch the world go by whilst being part of the scene at the same time.  

So long, France. À bientôt......


  1. eating is one of my favourite things, these photos are lovely.

  2. Oh, yeah - I'm definitely of the "faint-at-heart" - couldn't do snails. But the rest is exceedingly lovely. I can completely understand why you were enraptured with the cuisine.

  3. What a treat...except for maybe the escargot. ;) Your photos are wonderful!

  4. Oh, Becs, how lovely! :D
    I can almost smell the bread, yum!

  5. aren't the french just wonderful! they just know their stuff and they do it so well. you had beautiful shots that captured that loveliness.
    the markets! love the markets!
    hope you are having a nice monday!
    xo tracie


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