Thursday, 3 May 2012


One of the many things I love about the South of France is that you can be walking down one of the narrow, Medieval streets admiring the stucco work and the shutters  and you will suddenly stumble on a gap, and a little glimpse of what lies beyond.

Glimpses of sky:

Stairs with glimpses of the street it leads to:

Or peeks into the cemetery through the walls of the town:

To the promise of the vista beyond.

There is something rather magical about the contrast between the intensity of the shadowy streets and the bright glimpses of sky and landscape, the streets providing a protective shell from the elements beyond.  Each one a little discovery of beauty, a glimpse of the world beyond.


  1. Lovely images from the South of France where I lived for two years! I love the glimpses of the sky between the buildings and the passage-way leading to the cemetry. Pretty compositions!

  2. Medieval architecture makes wonderful frames for your glimpses of sky and landscape -- I love the composition in your cemetery shot. Your images reminded me of my wanderings through old city centers in Italy -- pure bliss!

  3. "Glimpses" - what a creative and imaginative theme for a series. You really get a feel for those narrow streets and the possibilities that can be waiting for you around every corner. I really love this concept - it seems as if you have defined an important element of "place".


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