Monday, 14 May 2012

Happiness Photo #25

We had a brief respite in the weather this weekend and enjoying sun and blue skies.  I mowed the lawn which made me very happy as it had been like looking out on a meadow!  And the Moo enjoyed picnics and patio art.

We are back to cold and rain today with a miserable forecast for the week ahead so this may be my sunshine for the week!

Happy Monday, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today. :)


  1. :) chalk fun! nice job! little one can come draw on my kitchen wall any time!
    the grass is finally mowable here and the dandilions are at their fullest! we do not have a lawn to care for personally, but can't wait to smell the grass when it's cut.
    14c and full sun here today. not exactly warm, but will take it!
    xo tracie

  2. How happy to celebrate blue skies and sunshine! Love the tea party set and chalk drawings.

  3. I wish I could send you some of my sunshine and warmth! It does look like you both enjoyed every minute of the sunny day! I love her chalk drawings!

  4. Glad you managed to make the most of your little bit of sunshine. Love the chalk drawings.

  5. What a great idea to have a weekly happiness project. I love how the colors of the tea party are reflected in the chalk drawing.

  6. Horrible weather here too, but your photos are so joyous! :)
    Happy week!

  7. we've been having ridiculously good weather too! wonder how long it will last. love your pics on insta

  8. I love that tea set and the sweet patio drawings.

  9. Nice to see you enjoyed a bit of sun! Love these simple moments photos.
    Have a lovely week Becs!

  10. Fun photos!! Love the last one.

  11. The sun is def shining here.

    Love your dandelion!


  12. I love what you did with these Becs.
    Beautiful little snippets of wonder!


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