Monday, 28 May 2012

Hello Monday

I thought I'd try mixing it up a bit this week....a few happiness shots and a few hello Mondays à la Lisa Leonard, who I'm linking up with today. :)

The Moo had sports day on Friday.  She loved it, in a very non-competitive sort of way!  This week, she is saying hello to Olympics week - a week of sports and fun to celebrate this years Olympics in London.  Love those little legs in her sports shorts!

The weather here has been amazing.  So lovely to spend time in the garden and soak up the sunshine with some:

Cartwheel practise:

Bubble blowing (with the giant bubble wand)

buttercups and daisy chains:

and generally kicking back and relaxing:

The Moo is just discovering The Enchanted Wood series by Enid Blyton.  I adored these books as a child  - I am almost jealous of her having them to read for the first time....and am so thrilled she is enjoying them as much as I did.

A few hellos for the the week:

Hello sunshine!  Lovely to see you...we missed you, please stay!
Hello outdoor day beds and lazy afternoons in the garden.
Hello picnics.
Hello getting on top of the housework (you never know....).
Hello Diamond Jubilee decorating.  :)
Hello playing with text and patterns at Beyond Layers.  Having such fun with it!
Hello Picmonkey collage layouts, I've been waiting for you!

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Such a wonderful post, filled with sunshine and happiness. Right now I'm saying, "hello smile" after reading it. :)

  2. i said hello to pic monkey collages this week too!! love your hellos especially the brackets on the housework one :)

  3. I love the Enchanted Wood series too!!!! I used to wish and wish that I had a Faraway tree in my backyard :)
    Yayy for the lovely weather!

  4. What a wonderful post, and little Moo looks like she is having so much fun!
    We are saying hello to some log awaited gorgeous weather this week.
    Let's hope it stays for a bit! :-)

  5. Lovely post! I remember making daisy chains and reading on a blanket!

  6. Love that photo of Moo with her pink hat and sports shorts. You can read so much from her body language! A week of fun!


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