Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In the Picture - April

Another month of selfies.  I just tried to have fun with it this month.  

We've had a very wet month....

Christy challenged us to "shake it out" this month.  I started with this on the shake it app.....definitely not what she meant, but it did involve shaking it (ya know, sort of)....

Entering into the true spirit of "shake it out"  I experimented with the slow shutter app on my phone:

and then had some fun with my tripod, self timer and my daughter's dancing ribbons:

Didn't really come out as I'd intended but still fun to shake it out!

And I made another month. :)  How 'bout you?

In The Picture


  1. looks like you had some fun experimenting! these are all great shots. thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  2. these are fun, love the last one!

  3. Yes, another month of selfie challenges! I was getting a little bored with myself until I actually started shaking it around! I love your head-shake and those dancing toes under the red skirt!

  4. Becs, these are great!! I love the one right in the middle, but the others are wonderful, too. I love your eyes in the second one.

  5. That last shot is so, so cool!

  6. Oh, I adore your shake it up images - so abstract and full of color and movement. Maybe not what you envisioned but I think the result is lovely and unique.


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