Tuesday, 15 May 2012


We've been talking about seeing the light in all things over at Beyond Layers and the things in our life that continually shine light into our lives.

Of course there's my gorgeous daughter who radiates light wherever she is and makes my heart constantly sing.  But sources of light in things made me stop and think.  And honestly, it's back to the really simple things.  Nature - around me and in my garden which I look out on to everyday, rain or shine; meeting up with old friends; having fresh flowers on the sideboard; the light that streams in through our big windows at the back; freshly laundered sheets which still smell of outside; new books full of ideas and inspiration; fresh coffee; the way my house smells when I've been baking; quiet days spent with friends and family; afternoon tea; walks on the beach; sitting by an open fire; the smell of freshly cut grass...and really I could on and on. :)  I think the trick, though, is to pay attention.  Pay attention to and celebrate the detail.

So much light, so much to be grateful for.

So tell me, what brings light into your life?

Written for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers.
Image of wild garlic from my garden processed with Kim Klassen texture Chase.
Click on the image to view on a black background.



  1. Beautiful image and texture work, the light is gorgeous here. A lovely post :-)

  2. What a beautiful compostion. That vase is so elegant!

  3. beautiful image and it really does capture the light. I'm also doing Beyond Layers but I haven't got round to doing this one yet

  4. Beautiful soft light - your texture work enhances the delicacy of the blossoms and the glass vase so well.

  5. Indeed Becs, and what a great post this is!
    There is so much to be seen, and it is our cameras that help us to see it.

    I love the simplicity of this beautiful image.

  6. So lovely, Becs! The muted colors and composition are beautiful. You are so right about paying attention to the details -- there is beauty and light all around us.

  7. i have never really thought of seeing light in this way. and after reading this post i realize that in addition to the literal light that shines from the sun or a light fixture, when something gives me comfort it gives me a feeling of "light": a glass of tea at night, my cozy quilt that my mom made for me, holding hands with my sweetheart, my daughter's smile...what a great post. {and i'm going to have to check out that class!} thank you. :)


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