Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Visual Weight

This month's Exploring with a Camera is looking at visual weight.  Click here for Kat's full article.

Here's what I found in my own photography:


The vibrant blue and terracotta draw your eye to the shutter against the more subdued peachy tones of the stucco.

Here, your eye is drawn to the bright yellow egg yolk.

Illuminated Objects

Your eye is drawn up towards the light and sky in this narrow street.

In focus

Coffee is the focus of breakfast time....

Here, focus is placed on the curl of the rail and the water droplet.


This tree is isolated from the group of trees in the background, bringing focus to it.

Break in the Pattern

Here, your eye is draw to the spot pattern as it breaks the more dominant striped pattern.

With the macarons, your eye is drawn to the pink macaron on the end primarily because of it's chocolate stripe.

Human faces

My eye is drawn initially to the human faces in this scene - despite the wide array of cake in the window which would normally draw me in!

I love the variety of ways you can bring visual weight to an image.   I think one of the reasons I struggle with things like landscape photography is that I find it so much harder to identify something I can give visual weight to.

I guess at the end of the day it's all about what you want to say with your image and deciding on the means of visual weight that best supports this. 

Click on over to find some more examples of visual weight.


  1. Lovely examples Becs! Love this: "I guess at the end of the day it's all about what you want to say with your image and deciding on the means of visual weight that best supports this." So well said! Thank you for linking in to Exploring with a Camera.

  2. Becs - great job! You found excellent examples that clearly demonstrate the impact of visual weight on our images.

  3. Becs, your images always inspire me!! You found some wonderful examples for visual weight! I'm with Kat, I love your statement "it's all about what you want to say!" The images you've included do tell some great stories! The last one really appeals to me! I can just hear the chatter and smell those baked goods!!

  4. These are great. I love the photo of the tree. Amazing.

  5. hi becs!
    i've been in a bit of a yellow mood lately so have to say i went back to the egg pic a few times but honestly i couldn't pick a favorite because they are so good.
    xo tracie

  6. I have a thing for shutters, so I love love love that one. It takes me back to France - a place where I could live out my days, I swear!


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