Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blah and scones

All this rain.....seems to have given me a bad case of the blahs.  All the beautiful things I'm seeing out there in interweb land have started to make me feel inadequate rather than inspired and where I would usually just grab my camera and head out for a walk, I am instead gazing out of the window as the rain streams down the glass for the I'm-not-sure-what-number-day-we're on-now.  But I do know it's a big number.

A few weeks ago, being kind to yourself was a topic over at Beyond Layers.  To be honest, I didn't pay it that much attention then.  I was bright and happy, full of ideas and inspiration and not really in need of any self kindness.  But the cycle always comes round and that's where I've found myself.

Even though it's June, I've been craving comfort food and a bit of warmth.  So yesterday I made myself tea and scones.  There is something about the process of making something from scratch that is very therapeutic, even better when it's something you are making just for you.  Just because.

Even laying it out to photograph was pretty therapeutic, all those circles to play with!

I was sill in need of a little colour, so I painted my nails. I don't know why painting my finger nails always seems such a treat, but it does. Probably because I hardly ever do it. This is a colour combo that jumped out at me this week and the orangey coral colour was already on my toes, so purple was the obvious choice.

I can't say I'm quite there yet.  It really does feel like it might rain forever.  But it's amazing how some small things like these can lift your spirits and stop you moping. 

So tell me, what little acts of kindness lift you out of the blahs?


  1. nail polish is always a fun thing!
    Your tea & scones looks great.

  2. Love this nail polish Becs!!
    That is sure to lift anyone's spirits.
    I have not made scones in a very long time, but it's raining here today too, so that just may be the thing to do!

  3. Tea and scones look delicious, Becs !
    And your nail polish colors are lovely !
    We have a lot of rain here too :-(
    Nice evening,

  4. Tea and scones, yummy! :)
    Oh, I know that feeling too well, and it sure does seem like it might rain forever here in Scotland. Especially this year. :/ So depressing... I am reading a lot lately :) and enjoying travel magazines. I cannot make the sun come out, but I can dream of sunny places! :D

  5. Oh, I would love to sit down with you at that table - so beautiful. Those pale icy greens and those yummy scones. A definite treat.

  6. Your table setting is both beautiful and peaceful!! Those scones look delicious! Sounds like the perfect way to drive away the rainy blues!!


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