Monday, 18 June 2012

Hello Monday

Another Monday...they come round so fast!  Some random shots from this weekend, a quiet one, celebrating Father's day and generally chilling out.

Garden activities for the Moo:



Tea and a magazine for me:

and enjoying the garden....without the warmth from the sun we're not getting quite the summery scents you expect at this time of year, but still pretty to look at:

Poppy head...amazing to think it was a vibrant bloom this time last week

Saying hello to:

pretty new shirt....loving the detail.

Hello to a theatre trip, my favourite kind of outing, yay!
Hello to meeting up with friends for coffee
Hello to sorting out my study area
Hello to healthy eating
Hello to family time with cousins

The Moo has taken to checking my phone for the weather and if there is sunny weather forecast she calls it a lucky day....apparently we have three "lucky" days this week. :) 

What are you saying hello to?

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  1. Love the movement in the trampoline shot!

  2. Love the campfire - showing signs of a great imagination. Glad you are looking forward to "lucky" days this week.

  3. What fun! Here's to healthy eating for me too. I always start the week with the best intentions...


  4. I love the trampoline shot! It's beautiful with her skirt and her hair twirling! Also love the poppy head, beautiful focus!


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