Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Mania!

London in particular has been awash with Diamond Jubilee decorations and celebrations and it has been really rather lovely.  Here are some of my favourites from our trip at the weekend:

Looking down Regent Street:

Corgi love at Liberty:

Sparkles at Carnaby Street:

Jermyn Street:

Kitsch Britannia:

British bulldog; Jubilee biscuits in a musical tin that winds up and plays the National Anthem (my personal favourite); souvenir flags; waving Queen.

A little more subdued at the Ritz (and possibly in need of a touch more blue..):

Bunting Galore:

And a polite message to all....

Celebrations are ongoing and we have our own street party later on today.  So, in true British style....fingers crossed for the weather! (it's not looking good....)

If you'd like to know more about the Diamond Jubilee and see the very charming logo designed by ten year old Katherine Dewar, the official website is here.


  1. Wasn't it all fantastic? I watched last night's concert and show till the very end (midnight here!) This morning I watched the service at St. Paul's Cathedral! I do hope I can pick up a few Jubilee souvenirs when I come to England mid-June! I'd love a commemorative biscuit tin or something similiar I can keep!
    Thanks for sharing a few sights of London here! So many flags! Lovely!

    1. Hi Sandra, it really was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Fortnums (where I bought the biscuit tin from) said they will be stocking their jubilee stuff for the rest of the year - they had lots of lovely things so I'm sure you'll find something there. x

  2. Hooray for the Union Jack! Your photos really capture a sense of celebration and fun. Love your "kitsch Britannia" .

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful trip !
    Nice evening,

  4. No Jubilee mania here :( no street parties, no memorabilia, not even some bunting.
    Only the cute kiddy-flag.

    Glad you had fun celebrating! :)

  5. Amazing amazing!!! I wish I was in London too :)

  6. i have been watching as much as i can over here in the states...i love all of it! today i saw for the first time COLOR footage of the queen's coronation. it was so beautiful! anyway, i really wish i had planned more for today and perhaps hosted a small celebration {i'm a total royal family fan...i'm sort of surprised i let this slip}. hope the weather cooperated for you! :)

    1. Hi Tamara, it has been great though the weather was not kind to us - the dunkirk spirit kicked in and we had a blast anyway! The coronation pictures are amazing aren't they. x

  7. What great fun - to see London pulling out all the stops for the Queen's celebration.

  8. So glad you've given us this beautiful view of London all decked out for the queen!! I've watched as much as I can of the celebrations, but it's much better to see it from your view than the TV photographers!! They always interupt the pictures by talking too much!!


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