Friday, 22 June 2012

Linear Perspective

Exploring with a Camera is looking at linear perspective this month.  You can read Kat's full post here.  Here are my examples:

Leading lines
Where converging lines draw the eye in to the subject at the vanishing point of the converging lines. 

In my example, the eye is drawn through the cemetery to the view of the countryside.

Diminishing lines lead you in to the distance, giving depth to the image.

In this example the fence goes on as through the trees as far as the eye can see and beyond.

The orientation of the image also give linear perspective.

Portrait images tend to emphasise height - in the image the image below, the eye is drawn to the tall mast of the boat.

Whereas the eye is drawn to the wide sweep of the river if the shot is in landscape:

Similarly, the eye is drawn to the height of the trees:

Whereas the eye is drawn along the path in the landscape shot:


The lines here are not straight but lead your eye deeper into the image along the edge of the lake.

In this image the height of the trees is emphasised but your eye also follow the path.  I also like the lines in the sky, drawing your eye upwards and adding depth to the sky too.

Here the lines from the side panel draw your eye upwards to the line in the (off) centre and then along, highlighting the beautiful lampshades.

Linear perspective is such a great way of drawing you into a photograph and adding depth and context.  I love that doing something as simple as changing the orientation of your image can bring new emphasis and a completely alter the overall context and message of your photograph.  So many possibilities!


  1. So many possibilities is right! You showed some great examples here. It's interesting, in your vertical tree/path image I still immediately followed the path into the distance more than noticed the height of the trees. I guess I'm just a path-follower. I do like my paths! :) Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

    1. Yes, you're right the lines of the path are pretty prominent in the vertical image too. The boats are probably a better example, although the path shots do have different feels to them...I can't quite put my finger on it! I love a good path to follow too. :)

  2. You did find some wonderful examples for this exercise. The lake image is just gorgeous! I thought the boat pix really illustrate the difference between portrait and landscape so well.

  3. Love the last shot with the pretty lampshades.

  4. Beautiful examples of linear perspective used to engage the eye of the viewer and pull us into the perceived depth of the image. Love the paths through the trees - which create tunnels of nature through which we can pass.

  5. Love the lampshade... it always pays to look up!


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