Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shades of green

Whilst not a fan of the rain, I am a fan of green, and there is no denying quite how green my garden is at the minute.

There is a spot on my sofa that I sit every morning, sipping my coffee and looking out on my little garden.  This is the view that I have and whilst the weeds are a bit out of hand, there are spaces where my favourite Marguerite daisies have yet to be planted and the lawn could do with a mow, it's a view I completely love.

As the seasons change, so does this little view of mine.  But it's funny, I know that I get cross that I can see our rickety old fence when everything dies back in the winter but whilst it looks as it does now I forget all that and this is really the only way I can picture it.  Lush, green, my own little haven.  It will of course change with the seasons and there is nothing quite like seeing it bathed in warm sunny sunlight but for now I am savouring these gorgeous and varied greens. 

Inspired by Susannah Conway's Exploring the Senses.


  1. It is a great view you have Becs! And what a delight to enjoy a green's the blessing coming from rainy days!!

  2. What an amazing tribute to green, in all its varied beauty. I can completely understand why this scene would bring a smile to your face.

  3. Hello Becs, so nice to see your face!
    How lovely to have a garden to look out on through the window. I can understand how you like that view!
    We city folk look at other things and dream of seeing grass and trees. On the days I don't work, I get out into the country and know what it feels like to look at green!
    Thank you for popping into my place to say hello!

  4. Ciao Becs!

    I love green too, and I *used* to love rainy days before moving to Scotland. ;)
    What a lovely view you have! :) I'd love to sip my morning coffee looking out on your charming garden.

    Sweet dreams and have a lovely Thursday ahead. xo

  5. Becs, you have a lovely garden! I also love your garden shed!! Your fortunate to have a window looking out to your garden!


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