Friday, 1 June 2012

Week 35 - 365

From the top:  more lovely sunshine; reading in the sun; the very wobbly tooth; at the station; this week was Olympics week at school.  Here's the Moo combining her new skills in trampolining and skipping (not entirely successful.....); the wobbly tooth is finally out!; my breakfast (nicer than it looks!).

So, that's it for another week.  A big week for the Moo losing her first tooth.  We had to write to the tooth fairy to ask her to come back on Sunday night as the Moo wants to show her tooth to our friends who are coming on Sunday.  She is keeping it in a little pot of water so it is extra clean and will get a prime spot on the front of the fairy palace. :)

Hope you had a good one and have a lovely weekend.


  1. How exciting, first tooth- a real mile stone.
    Love the sunshine shot!

  2. Wow! what a big week for Moo. It's a good thing the Tooth Fairy accepts mail.


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