Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fear of the blank page

I have wanted to start art journaling for ever.  I read about and see other people's amazing journals and think, hey I want to do that too.  They make it seem so simple, so natural and so fun.  But there is something about that blank page that I am finding sooooooooo intimidating.  And all the things about art journaling that I love in theory are in reality proving a bit of a stumbling block. 

For example: 
anything goes!
any medium!
do whatever comes in to your head!
total freedom!
just enjoy it!

Which I have managed to turn in to pressure:

What shall I do?
What shall I use?
How shall I lay it out?
Where should I start?
Will it be perfect?
My mind is blank
I have nothing to say.


Inspired by Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore I have bought mixed media visual journals (pictured above) for me and the Moo.  My thought is that I will learn from my creatively fearless six year old and together we will record our summers and have some fun.

It's a theory.

So, any tips for an art journal novice?


  1. No advice, I think I would be intimidated just like you, it does sound like a lovely idea. I think your plan to be inspired by your 6 year old sounds perfect.

  2. It sounds like fun once you have thrown yourself into the deep end! You could start off by saying what you have just said above! Start at the place you are at! Have fun!

  3. I have tried art journaling and now digi journal but the one thing I did learn is get some colour on the page as quick as possible don't think just do it! I used watercolour sticks and it worked well. Dina Wakely is a great one to check out. Don't be intimidated and have fun.

  4. Ah, Becs - I completely understand your position. I, too, always feel intimidated by the perfection of that blank page. I think following your daughter's lead may be the best advice yet.

  5. It can be hard sometimes to make that first stroke- but it's a lot like when one get writers block. Sometimes all that is needed is to start anywhere with anything- & then it just flows out from there.

  6. I've always been attracted to art journals too
    and I can understand your questions ...
    Wish you both lots of fun !
    Nice weekend,

  7. Funny that I just now am reading this post. Sounds very familiar to my fear of the blank page. :)


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