Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Space

Inspired by Kim Klassen over at Beyond Layers, I thought I'd share 'my space'.  My little piece of the world that I know so well.

This is the woods near my house where I like to walk.  This is today's walk - starting out with that beautiful blue sky (a treat for us at the minute).  Then it's over the bridge and along the very muddy paths.  That little green gate is my favourite - I always stop there - and today the horse chestnuts are starting to appear in their spiky green cases.  Then, past the cricket club and up the road to the high street.  I like to grab a coffee then walk back along the main road and back into the woods, stopping at one of the little benches along the way.  Time to reflect and soak up the quiet.   Then, back along the muddy paths...just as the sky turned grey and the rain started to fall.

So, there you have it.  A little glimpse into my world and my beautiful surroundings.

What about you?  Do you have any regular haunts?


  1. Hi Bec, what a beautiful walk you get to take each day...I would love it. I used to walk to our community lake and back on a regular basis; I should start doing it again. Thank you for sharing - oh, and that gate is so gorgeous!

  2. What a nice walk, thanks for sharing your space !
    Love the way you're showing the photos !
    We have the same weather, today we had rain almost the whole day :-(
    Nice evening,

  3. You are becoming the master of creative presentation. I love these "slices" of your daily life - a peek into your world. What fun!

  4. Beautiful and unusual photographs, fantastic story. I am greeting

  5. Lovely to see a little corner of your world, Becs. Thank you for sharing. :)
    Isn't everything marvelous when the sun is shining? We finally had a bit of sun after 17 days or rain in a row.

  6. Very nice! I like how you lined up so many images to share your neighborhood wiith us :)


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